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Scientists Made This Mouse Nearly Invisible!

If you could make an animal nearly invisible, would you do it? Julian is here to explain how and why Japanese scientists made a mouse’s skin translucent.

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Transparent Nearly Invisible Mice Created By Japanese Scientist

“Scientists are getting a look at the inner workings of mice like never before thanks to a new technique that renders the rodents so transparent they’re nearly invisible.”

Whole-Body Imaging with Single-Cell Resolution by Tissue Decolorization

“The development of whole-body imaging at single-cell resolution enables system-level approaches to studying cellular circuits in organisms.”

Clearly Beautiful: 10 Amazing Transparent Animals

“Being transparent (or nearly so) doesn’t mean animals have nothing to hide. On the contrary, their lack of pigmentation can help them elude predators who literally see right through them.”

Red light does not reach ocean depths, so deep-sea animals that are red actually appear black and thus are less visible to predators and prey

“As you travel from surface waters to deeper waters, the quantity of light changes; it decreases with depth.”



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