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Scientists Invented The Best Tractor Beam Ever!

Tractor beams used to be an idea used in sci-fi films, but now they have become a reality! Join Trace as he discusses a new tractor beam that is the best one yet!

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A long-range polarization-controlled optical tractor beam

“The laser beam has become an indispensable tool for the controllable manipulation and transport of microscopic objects in biology, physical chemistry and condensed matter physics.”

Behold the Long-Range, Reversible Tractor Beam

“It’s a classic sci-fi image: some spaceship has nearly escaped the enemy fleet, only to be snatched back by a tractor beam.”

NASA Considers Tractor Beams for Future Rovers

“NASA is exploring ways to use tractor beams in future robotic probe missions.”

Laser-Powered Tractor Beam Could Move Tiny Particles

“Another piece of Star Trek technology has become a reality. Captain Kirk would instantly recognize new blueprints developed by a team of Chinese scientists as plans for a tractor beam.”

Viewpoint: A Macroscopic Tractor Beam with Acoustic Waves

“Among the many examples of how science fiction and fantasy have inspired real science, an interesting one is the ‘tractor beam,’ first conceived by the chemical engineer and writer Edward E. Smith in the 1930s in his novel Spacehounds of IPC.”

Optical conveyors: A class of active tractor beams

“A tractor beam is a traveling wave that can transport illuminated material along its length back to its source.”


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