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Science Says Beards Aren’t Sexy Anymore!

Studies have shown that beards equate to age, masculinity and dominance. Society has decided that facial hair is considered “attractive,” but is this still the case? Trace examines the world’s fascination with beards, and how evolution might be leading us back to liking a cleanly shaven face.

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Are Beards About to Die Out?

“Beards are everywhere these days. From the urban lumberjacks of Brooklyn to the hirsute hackers of San Francisco, men’s faces have taken a turn for the hairy.”

Hipster Science: Women Prefer Men With Facial Hair

“The popularity of weird beards and mustaches among young men living in Brooklyn, N.Y., may be more than just a hipster fad.”

Beard Trend Is ‘Guided By Evolution’

“The ebb and flow of men’s beard fashions may be guided by Darwinian selection, according to a new study.”

What Is Scarce Becomes Very Attractive

“Ever heard of the beer goggle effect? Some creative researchers, referring to themselves as ‘vigilant in the honky tonk as well as in the laboratory,’ aimed to test the Country and Western ‘beer goggle’ hypothesis that ‘all the girls get prettier at closing time.'”

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Do Ladies Love Beards?

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