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SCARY: 7 TRUE Urban Legends & Horror Stories – Not Creepypasta – Mr Nightmare

Urban legends like from mr nightmare, the creepy ones, are the kind of thing you share with your friends late at night when you realise Netflix doesn’t have any good horror movies, but have you been telling these tales while being unaware that some of them were actually true…like the doctors that harvest kidney? Get your taste of scary stories that are real, not like the fake ones from creepypasta.

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The first legend on our list is one which has been used time and time again by every slasher movie ever. Every town has that one restaurant suspected of putting dog meat in the stew, and then you find out the owner’s wife has disappeared and you all have a good laugh about how he probably murdered her and dumped her in the pot too.In the early 2000’s one of the most unsettling urban legends was the story of an HIV-positive man who would leave needles of his infected blood on the seats in a movie theatre.When you settle down for a nice night’s sleep on the crisp linens of a hotel bed, you know it’s possible that your mattress may not be entirely fresh. Anyone who works in heavy industry will take extra care tomorrow after hearing the tragic story of 54 year old Alan Catterall. Are you a 90’s kid? Don’t worry, I’m not about to make you take some crappy Buzzfeed quiz about it, but if you are then you might remember those gruesome horror story chain letters that went around via email at the time. There’s an old Halloween tale of a grisly prank gone wrong that you may have heard before.

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