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Road Salt Is Worse Than You Think!

We use road salt to melt ice after a snowstorm, but is it bad for the environment?

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How America got addicted to road salt – and why it’s a problem

“The US economy doesn’t grind to a halt every time there’s a snowstorm. And a big reason for that is the more than 15 million tons of salt we dump on our highways, roads, and sidewalks each winter to melt away the snow and ice.”

Road Salts & Alternatives

“With more than five million tonnes of road salts used in Canada each year, we all know the damage they can do: they eat the metal in our cars, corrode body work and brake lines, contaminate roadside streams where we fish, and damage concrete bridges and parking garages.”

Communities seek a substitute for road salt

“From sugarcane molasses to beet juice, local governments look for alternatives.”


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