Real or Fake?

Real or Fake?

There are some pretty unbelievable animals on this list. Can you guess which ones are real and which one are fake?

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10. The hippo crab
The hippo crab is a subspecies of the hippoidea, which has only been found in the Baltic Sea. Little is known about this creature and less than a dozen have been found, since its initial discovery in the late 90s.

9. Giant Ants
Camel spiders are hairy, tan and thick arachnids. They live mostly in the middle east, but are also found in some parts of the United States and Mexico. These spiders are aggressive and have a painful bite, making them one of the biggest pests to soldiers deployed in Iraq.

8. Human-toothed squid
This rare sea creature is a subspecies of the promachoteuthid squid. This is the only squid discovered with a set of teeth so strikingly similar to a human’s. Only one specimen has been found in the Atlantic ocean at a depth of over 5,000 feet.

7. long-nosed monkey
The long-nosed monkey is an old world monkey that lives mostly in Indonesia. They are easily identifiable because of their uniquely large noses and are also one of the largest species of monkeys currently living in Asia.

6. Red lipped batfish
This fish stands out to many because of its small body and large, red, cartoon-like lips. It is found around the South American coast and most commonly around the Gallapagos Islands.

5. Unicorned lamb
A famous goat named Lancelot is one of the only reported unicorned animals in history. With everything else average for a goat, Lancelot had a horn on his head and became a common attraction in the Ringling Brothers Circus.

4. The drop bear
This animal, which is closely related to the koala bear drops from the treetops to catch its prey. It is found in Australia and mostly in Eucalyptus and gum trees.

3. Bald Babboon
The bald baboon is a rare sight to see and could almost be mistaken for a character on the Lord of the Rings. They like most baboons in every way other than their lack of hair and very few have been spotted.

2. The hoop snake
This snake found mostly in the Sahara dessert, this snake is one that has developed a very strange adaptation. Instead of slithering like most snakes, it shapes itself into a hoop and rolls around at high speeds. This adaptation gives the snake a better edge over its prey and faster speeds within its habitat.

1. Camelce
Made from a male elk and female camel, the camelce is an extremely rare because most elks and camels live lands apart and because the offspring, if it survives, is always sterile.

Video credit to Strange Mysteries YouTube channel