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Real Alien Interviewed at Area 51?

Is this video of a real alien being interviewed at area 51?

Although, this video isn’t of a corpse or body of an alien…as you’ll see towards the end of the video…whatever the creature is…real or fake….it looks like it may end up
as a body soon unfortunately.

This video has been floating around on the web for quite a while, and no one can really verify it’s legitimacy.

A few things to point out in this video though:

As you can see, many somewhat jerky head movements are made by the being’s head…indicating that this could either be due to a puppeteers hand or perhaps by the way the being actually moves…who knows.

However, some skeptics point out that the dark lighting in the video was intentionally used to perhaps hide an alleged puppeteer behind the being.

Towards the end of the video, you’ll see the being seemingly begin to choke or become unable to breath…paramedics look to try to help him but…assuming its actually an alien for a second…how are they supposed to know how to treat it?

The reason this video is mysterious to me is because we can’t actually find the origin for where it ever came from…it just seems to have appeared on the internet with really no backstory.

Link to Top 5 Alien Bodies/Corpses Ever Discovered Video for Mobile Users:

Video credit to Strange Mysteries YouTube channel