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Pretty People Are Easily Forgotten

New studies are showing that the more symmetrical your face is, the less likely you’ll recognize that person if you see them again. More plainly, the more attractive a face is, the less likely you’ll remember it. Trace explains how the human brain gets bored with symmetry, and how it loves to seek out and remember uniqueness!

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Faces We Don’t Forget

“Psychologists at the University of Jena, Germany, explain how attractiveness prevents the recognition of faces.”

Attractiveness and the Memorability of Faces: Only a Matter of Distinctiveness?

“This study investigates the independent and combined effects of attractiveness and distinctiveness on face recognition.”

Beauty Hinders Attention Switch in Change Detection: The Role of Facial Attractiveness and Distinctiveness

“Recent research has shown that the presence of task-irrelevant attractive face can induce a transient diversion of attention from a perceptual task that requires covert deployment of attention to one of the two locations.”

Faces We Don’t Forget

“Great eyes, full lips and harmonious features: actress Angelina Jolie is in possession of all of these. That she is regarded as the epitome of female attractiveness doesn’t come as a surprise for Dr. Holger Wiese of the Friedrich Schiller University Jena (Germany).”

Effects of Attractiveness on Face Memory Separated From Distinctiveness: Evidence From Event-Related Brain Potentials

“The present study examined effects of attractiveness on behavioral and event-related potential (ERP) correlates of face memory.”

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