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Places You Won’t Believe Exist on Planet Earth!

Places You Won't Believe Exist on Planet Earth!

Our planet is full of surprises and wonder. Here are the 10 most unbelievable places you probably won’t believe actually exist on Earth!

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The Door to Hell is a natural gas field that collapsed into an underground cavern in 1971. Located in Turkmenistan, the cavern is about the size of a football field and almost 70 feet in depth. Also referred to as the Crater of Fire or Darvaza Crater, the president of Turkmenistan has recently began plans to extinguish the site.

Translating to Uyuni Salt Falts in Spanish, the Salar de Uyuni is the world’s largest salt flat, which measures more than 4,000 square miles. Located in southwest Bolivia, the flats can easily be identified from space, and the area is nearly 12,000 feet above sea level.

The Vermilion Cliffs are a remarkable area that spans across Utah and Arizona. One of the most striking spots is known as the Coyote Buttes.

Lake Hillier is located in Western Australia that is also sometimes referred to as Pink Lake. It is one of few pink lakes in the world, and is thought to get its pink color from a combination of the large amount of salt it contains, algae and a pink bacteria, known as halo bacteria.

Off the coast of Belize, this massive blue hole measures nearly 1,000 feet across. Surrounded by limestone and coral reef, the depth of the hole is beyond 400 feet in depth.

Located in Ethiopia, the Erta ala is a continuously active volcano. Little is known about the volcano because the surrounding terrain is of the most inhospitable in the world, and the people surrounding it do not welcome outsiders. Meaning Smoking Mountain in the local Afar language, the volcano has contained a lava lake for the past century, which is a unique feature that only six volcanoes in the world have.

Appropriately referred to as a forest of peaks, The Tianzi Mountains formed over the past 400 million years from quartz sandstone.
Tianzi means “son of heaven” in Chinese, and the mountains are found in the Hunan province of China.

Found in Canada, the Spotted Lake is most awe-worthy in the summer, when it is the most colorful. Stretching less than half a mile in length, the lake contains some of the world’s densest deposits of various minerals.

The Crystal Cave is one of Iceland’s many remarkable places to visit.
The cave emerged when the country’s largest glacier, which name cannot be pronounced, met the Icelandic coastline. The best time to visit the caves is in the winter when they are in their most solid state.

Hitachi Seaside Park in Japan is one of the most lively places on earth. Located about 2 hours outside of Tokyo, this park has seas of colors, created by millions of flowers blooming.
The park provides a variety of attractions, and in some spots the color is so jam-packed, photographs look a lot more paintings from the impressionist era.

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