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Photo of Alien or Spaceman in Cumberland, UK?

A space like being, like an alien, strangely appears in a father’s photo of his daughter in Cumberland, UK. Shortly after, the father was allegedly visited by men wearing black suits whom tried to convince him the picture showed nothing.

It was an ordinary day. Jim Timberton was taking photos of his daughter with his new Kodak camera in Burgh Marsh in Cumberland, UK.

Jim did notice one strange thing though…all the animals in the area were acting strange like something weird was going on.

Other than that, he swore that absolutely no one else was even in the vicinity of the area. No one.

Thinking nothing of the animals, Jim had his photos developed.

Three key photos were in question. All three photos were taken at the same angle at basically the same time.

But strangely, a man whom appears to be in some sort of spacesuit appears in one of the photos…and very close behind his daughter.

This was impossible as Jim would have noticed such an oddly dressed figure especially near his daughter so close by…but he never did.

Shortly after, Jim was allegedly approached by quote “men im black” whom tried to convince him he saw absolutely nothing in he photo despite it being clear as day.

To this day, no one knows what the figure in the space like suit is or was…or how it got there….especially so close by. Jim would have noticed it.

Even more eerily, shortly after this incident, Jim was contacted by an organization known as the “bluestreak Missle project” in Australia whom told Jim that they had seen similar looking figures around the Launchpad after an aborted launch. No traces of the beings were found. This happened on the exact same day Jim took his photographs.

Jim also learned that the rockets for the blue streak missle project in Australia were, coincidentally or not, being manufactured about 25 miles east of where Jim had taken his pictures.

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Video credit to Strange Mysteries YouTube channel