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Pan American Flight 7 Crash – BOMB Responsible?

Pan American Flight 7 mysteriously crashed over the Pacific — some think it was a bomb or malicious passenger that caused it to crash.

Pan American Flight 7 remains one of the most mysterious flight crashes to date despite the fact that it happened over 50 years ago.

The Pan American flight was making its routine trip to Hawaii when it crashed into the Pacific Ocean without any communication to radio towers at all.

All passengers aboard the craft died. Interestingly, all bodies were found shoeless, were wearing life vests, and had multiple bone fractures.

But strangest of all, the coroners found that many of the bodies had high levels of carbon monoxide, a poisonous gas, in their blood. This finding suggested that at least some of the members of the passengers and crew were killed by this gas.

Then again, many were also wearing lifevests which suggests that they knew they were going to crash and were preparing for it.

To add even more to the mystery, pieces of the crash, and bodies of the passengers were found in an area that covered 33 square miles…suggesting that those onboadd either jumped, were thrown out of the plane, or got sucked out of the plane as it broke up before it actually crashed.

But perhaps most mysterious of all these facts is that the black box flight recorder has never been found.

A few theories exist aside from the obvious one of aircraft malfunction.

One theory suggests that a bomb was maliciously placed on the aircraft. Another suggests that the flight was involved in some form of insurance fraud.

To date, the actual reason for the crash had never been determined or stated by any company or government agency. The crash remains a mystery to this day.

Just what happened to Pan America Flight 7? Was it destroyed by a bomb or something else? Why were high levels of carbon monoxide found in the blood of those onboard?

Video credit to Strange Mysteries YouTube channel