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New Discovery May Finally Prove Evolution

New Discovery May Finally Prove Evolution

A new discovery in Thailand may be a missing link to proving the theory of evolution.

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A new discovery in Thailand has researchers getting closer to proving the theory of evolution. According to evolution, all higher creatures descended from fish, so the discovery of the cavefish, known more specifically as the Cryptotora thamicola, was a breakthrough. While there have been other discoveries in the past of fish with more evolved abilities, such as the walking fish, this species of cave fish has left researchers more than impressed. While they do not have legs, the bodies of cavefish are very similar in structure to tetrapods, which is the term used for four-legged animals higher than fish. These fish are able to move their bodies as efficiently as tetrapods, and have a bodily structure very similar to tetrapods in many ways. The pelvis and vertebral column allow the fish to support its body weight against gravity, making them able to easily climb up very challenging surfaces underwater using only their fins.These fish, which can grow to approximately an inch in length, is much like the missing link between legged and non-legged animals. The cave fish, as their name suggests are found in caves and live in the complete darkness. They exist in Thailand and are also known as the waterfall climbing cave fish and cave angel fish. A team of researchers said that this discovery can tell more about the transition from finned creatures to limbed creatures, which can be traced back to over 400 million years ago.

Video credit to Strange Mysteries YouTube channel