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NASA’s Plan To Use A Giant Magnet To Make Mars Habitable

NASA might have a plan to make Mars habitable, and it would involve a giant space magnet.

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Mars’ atmosphere stripped by solar winds, NASA says

Maven Mission reveals speed of solar wind stripping martian atmosphere

NASA’s Mars Atmosphere and Volatile Evolution (MAVEN) mission has identified the process that appears to have played a key role in the transition of the Martian climate from an early, warm and wet environment that might have supported surface life to the cold, arid planet Mars is today.

It’s Official: NASA Announces Mars’ Atmosphere Was Stripped Away by Solar Winds

We finally have an understanding of how Mars transformed from a once habitable, Earth-like planet into the dry world we see today. NASA researchers have just announced that Mars’ once rich atmosphere was stripped away by solar winds in the early days of the Solar System, causing the planet to dry out.

A future Mars environment for science and exploration

This may sound “fanciful” but new research is starting to emerge revealing that a miniature magnetosphere can be used to protect humans and spacecraft.

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