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NASA Will Pay You To Lay In Bed

How does getting paid $18,000 for laying in bed sound? Well NASA’s ready to pay up! Laci explains why they’re willing to cut the check.

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Flat-out working: NASA to pay 18 grand for 70-day sleep study

“Ever dreamed of helping take one giant step for man from the comfort of your bed? You could be in luck, as NASA is willing to shell out five grand a month to allow a few fortunate loafers to live out their dream… all for the sake of science.”

NASA Will Pay $18,000 To Watch You Rest In Bed–Really

“That’s right, you could get paid a total of around $18,000 for lying in bed, playing games on your phone, reading books, skyping with your friends and family, taking online classes — and even go on with your day job if you can get away with working remotely, so long as you don’t get out of bed for that entire duration.”

NASA Bed Rest Study Application

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