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NASA Making Urgent Space Repairs on Christmas Day

A major equipment failure on the International Space Station has made for a rough week for the six astronauts living aboard. Two of those astronauts will be doing a Christmas Day spacewalk to fix the problem. Trace tells us what’s gone wrong, and details the work they’ll be doing.

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ISS Repair Plan Forces Commercial Launch Delay

NASA on Tuesday postponed a cargo mission to the International Space Station and instead scheduled three spacewalks so that astronauts can fix a broken cooling system at the research outpost.

NASA to fix ISS coolant system with Christmas spacewalks

Last week, one of the International Space Station’s two coolant loops shut down, forcing the six astronauts on board to turn off all nonessential equipment. Now NASA has ordered a series of three spacewalks to repair the broken line.

International Space Station in partial shutdown due to cooling pump problem

A possible coolant leak on the International Space Station has led to a partial shutdown, Nasa has said. Astronauts hope to fix the problem by altering the software. But if that fails, at least one crew member will have to undertake a spacewalk.

Nasa debates spacewalk repair or restock of International Space Station

Spacewalk or space delivery? That’s the question facing Nasa as space station flight controllers try to revive a crippled cooling loop. Half of the International Space Station’s cooling system shut down last Wednesday because of a bad valve that made the line too cold. Nasa is using a different valve to try to control the temperature, with some success, Kenny Todd, a space station manager said Monday.

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