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Mythical Creature Found in Asia

Strange Monster Discovery in Thailand. A weird Human-Like Mythical Beast was found in Asia. Foreign images of this bizarre creature spiked curiousity around the internet.

So what’s this mythical-looking beast? That’s coming up.

A loud scream of a young girl’s voice echoed throughout the village as a concerned crowd started to form around the scene.

It was 2007, in the remote town of Sisaket in Thailand, locals gathered around what appears to be a mythical creature. It looks to be something like a human infant covered in grey fur with distorted proportions.

This baby beast was the most interesting happening the villagers have ever witnessed.

The strange being did not appear to live for very long, however, that did not stop the locals from celebrating it’s presence by providing it with food, gifts, and prayers as they even attempted to preserve it with a fan for scientists.

They believe this creature is an omen of good luck.
So what is this creature exactly? Further research suggests that it was a deformed baby buffalo — a buffalo that was born and immediately died on the spot due to its abnormal features.

These deformations make it look uncannily & coincidentally like a human.

One rumor suggests that a lonely farmer might have had his way with an unsuspecting female buffalo while some people claim this to be of extraterrestrial origins and that the Thai government quickly covered this incident up in an attempt to avoid wide spread panic.

Video credit to Strange Mysteries YouTube channel