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Mysterious Tiles Discovered in America

Tonynbee Tiles, mysterious tiles with cryptic messages referring to the future of mankind & how it should save itself keep appearing in various cities in both North and South America.

Beginning sometime in the 1980’s, a unique kind of graffiti art, in the form of hand-cut linoleum tile mosaics embedded into the asphalt of busy city streets, started to appear, first in Philadelphia, then throughout America, each conveying a cryptic message, seemingly to society at large.

The tiles have been found in about 25 major cities in the United States along with at least four capital cities in South America.

Easily overlooked, the content of each of the distinctive and colorful tiles varies, and sometimes includes various rants, but the overwhelming majority of the tiles are dedicated to repeating and spreading the same message, over and over again. Some more elaborate tiles state confusing statements regarding politics or seem to attempt to persuade readers to install their own tiles.


The Toynbee idea seems to refer to the concept that humankind can help itself to survive and thrive, but only if motivated to do so.

The movie 2001 seems to refer to Stanley Kubricks classic sci-fi epic, A Space Odyssey, which explores ancient civilizations and the future of humanity, on the planet Jupiter.

The last two lines seem to be a reference to a 1983 Philadelphia Inquirer interview with a man who theorized that the planet Jupiter could be colonized, by bringing all the people on Earth who had ever died, back to life. ‘

The titler’s true name and identity have never been confirmed.

Just who would plant tiles like this around not only the USA but in South America as well…and exactly what message are they trying to convey? Could it actually be of some sort of significance?

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