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Mysterious Sound Around the World

A mysterious humming sound has haunted residents in the town of Taos, New Mexico for almost forty years. It also follows people around the world.

It started over forty years ago, sometime in the early seventies, maybe sooner.

An unusual number of people in the quiet New Mexico town of Taos, started to notice a very low humming sound, not exactly heard, but more like a sound in their heads. A very persistent, droning,
irritating, sleep depriving, humming sound in their heads.

Medical reports prompted a public inquiry and even more cases came to light. In fact it was eventually tested that two percent of the population was afflicted with this very real, very debilitating condition. Even worse, once it is heard, the hum cannot be unheard, even if the victims travel thousands of miles away.

Acoustic engineers were consulted, but no audible hum could be detected with even the most sensitive audio equiment.

Similar outbreaks of the maddening hum were reported throughout the United States and England, and at least one suicide, possibly more, has been attributed to the condition.

One theory suggests that these sensitive “hearers”, are somehow perceiving the ever increasing noisiness of the Earth’s electro-magnetic hum, as more and more electronic devices and signals proliferate around the world.

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