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Mysterious Shapes Spotted in China Desert

Strange shapes and creepy lines shrouded in mystery sighted deep within the desert in China. Google Earth reveals secretive unidentified shapes that baffles NASA and scientist.

Mosaic Lines & Other Creepy Abstract Creations in China

Why do strange mosaic lines, huge squares, and 13 km long pools of water exist in the desert of China?

Satellite images reveal mysterious shapes in the middle of the Chinese desert. Is something being hidden here?

In the desert province of Gansu Sheng in China, out in the middle of nowhere, there exists strange Mosaic like lines carved into the ground. But just what are they for? Did the Chinese government make them?….and if so…why?

Find the lines at 40°27’28.56″N, 93°23’34.42″E in Google Earth.

The lines span across a square that is approximately 1600 by 1200 meters in length. The lines strictly maintain their straightness from above across these dimensions…they were more than likely extremely difficult to create due to their wideness as well as the awkward angles they make so elegantly.

To add to the mystery, right next to these mosaic likes, sits an ominously large square carved perfectly out of the ground.

A few kilometers to the northeast there seems to be some sort of runway — perhaps indicating some sort of airborne relevance.

About 217 kilometers to the west sits what appears to be absolutely massive pools of water and fields of something green….this springs right up out of the desert. The largest “pool” of water appears to be approximately 14 kilometers by 3 kilometers big…what looks like some sort of huge plant where technicians are housed sits within the confines of the area.

The Chinese government has not commented on what any of these structures are because, well, it doesn’t “need” to. Even if it did, there would still be people whom have a different opinion.

As for the mosaic lines, a few plausible theories exist…one is from Jonathon Hill, a specialized technician for the Mars Space Flight Facility at Arizona State University. He believes they may be related to the calibration of Chinese satellites of some sort.

Just what are these unusual satellite images revealing? Let us know what you think.

Video credit to Strange Mysteries YouTube channel