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Mysterious Hybrid

Does a hybrid Goatman monster haunt Maryland residents? Goatman’s legend, sightings, & the story behind this mysterious beast.

Although it can sometimes be difficult to separate fact from fiction, those whom have claimed to encounter the beast face to face seemingly show the most evidence for the existence of this creature.

The legend of Goatman involves sightings of the beast all across America, but…a large majority of his story really seems to originate and center around a place in Maryland known as Prince George’s county.

More specifically, in a cave near an old rusty bridge known as Governor’s Bridge.

The first quote “official” reports of the beast comes from 1957 when eyewitnesses reported seeing a horned humanoid like creature around the area.

After that, the next report of the beast was in 1962 when the creature was blamed for the murder of around fourteen hikers who allegedly went too close to his lair…according to the legend he chopped his victims to pieces while emitting screams that quote “only the devil himself would make.”

Supposedly, the police never officially reported this when they arrived on the scene.

The legend has it that goatman came from a DNA experiment done at the nearby US argicultural facility by a man by the name of Stephen Fletcher…whom mixed the DNA of his assistant with that of a goat.

Others say the beast is purely a production of the devil.

Its interesting to note the resemblance between the greek legend of a “Satyr,” creatures that werent to be messed with and that of the goatman….maybe the greeks had a similar legend?…maybe even encounters…

Whatever the reality is of this legend will remain a mystery until tangible proof can be brought in that some sort of goat human hybrid really exists.

With so many sightings though, the origins to his story must have a basis in fact…somewhere along the lines…wherever that may be.

Video credit to Strange Mysteries YouTube channel