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Most Famous Ghost Photo Ever – Haunting for 200 Years

This is one of the most famous ghost photographs caught on camera to have ever been taken. The brown lady at Raynham Hall.

A ghost caught on camera over 70 years ago…way before computers….has been witnessed for the past two centuries.

In the early 1700s, Raynham Hall, this huge building, was home to Lady Dorothy Townshend and Charles Townshend.

It was rumored that before their marriage, Dorothy had been cheating on Charles with a man named Lord Wharton – and Charles had strong suspicions the rumors were true.

According to legend, Dorothy died in 1729, but her funeral was faked. Charles had actually locked her deep within a corner of Raynham hall…and kept her prisoner there until her death….a horrible way to go.

Her ghost is said to haunt the hall, and was witnessed by even King George IV…in addition to a man named Colonel Loftus…whom allegedly saw her twice in 1835.

They reported her wearing a brown dress with illuminated skin….and her eyes appeared to have been gouged out.

A few years later, the ghost spooked Captain Frederick Marryat and friends so much that they shot at her, only to have the bullets pass right through.

Finally, in 1936 two photographers were assigned to take pictures of this huge building for country life magazine when the ghost appeared once again, they took this famous photo and published it in the magazine.

So many reliable and credible people, even a King, witnessed this ghost…and you can clearly see her here. It’s no wonder the Brown Lady ghost is considered one of the most famous ghost photographs ever taken.

Video credit to Strange Mysteries YouTube channel