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Monthly SpaceOut From NASA’s JPL & DNews

Each month DNews will sit down with NASA to discuss amazing space topics! This month, we’re talking asteroids and meteors. Likely questions will include: How are meteor showers formed? How do we detect asteroids that could hit Earth? Could we capture an asteroid?

Our panel of experts will include:
-Don Yeomans, Manager of NASA’s Near-Earth Object program office
-Brian Muirhead, Chief EngineerĀ at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory
-Dr. Amy Mainzer, Principal Investigator of the NEOWISE mission

Join hosts Trace Dominguez and Dr. Ian O’Neill this Wednesday, May 21st at 4pm PDT as we attempt to figure out the universe. Leave questions below or tweet them to @DNews with the hashtag #SpaceOutĀ for a chance to have them answered on-air!

Video credit to DNews YouTube channel