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“Mommy, Why am I Not a Boy This Time?” – a Story of Reincarnation

How would you respond if your child said “Mommy, why am I not a boy like I used to be?”

By the time Nicola Wheater was five years old, her mother was convinced that she was living proof that reincarnation exists. Nicola displayed the extremely rare ability of being able to recall her previous life.

It started when she was only two, and insisted that her toy dog’s name was Muff. And then just some of the funny things that kids say, like “Mommy, why am I not a boy like I used to be? My other mummy used to be called Mrs. Benson, and, I was her little boy and I played with Muff.”

These were all unfamiliar names to the child, and Mrs. Wheater didn’t know what to think, so she started keeping a journal of Nicola’s unusual references. Over time, the clues began to indicate that Nicola was the reincarnated, five year old son, of Mr. & Mrs. Benson, of Haworth in Yorkshire England, and his dog Muff.

Mr. Benson was a railway worker, and warned his son not to play on the tracks, but one day he followed some friends and was hit and killed by a train. Nicola remembered her previous death so vividly, she had a screaming, convulsing panic attack when she saw a similar scene acted out on TV.

Shortly after Nicola’s fifth birthday, Mrs. Wheater drove them out to what Nicola called her other home. Nicola guided them straight to one of four terraced houses that matched her previous descriptions, but there was no Benson family there. Nicola continued to describe and guide her mother to paths and fields that she had played in before with Muff.

As convinced as ever, they went to the church registry archives and discovered records that indicated that on July 25th, 1875, John Henry Benson was born to Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Benson (a rail worker), and that he died when hit by a train at age five, almost one hundred years ago.

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