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Meteorite Reveals Secrets of Mars’ Past

A piece of rock found it’s way all the way from Mars to a desert in Northwest Africa. And now it’s has the potential to tell us all kinds of things about the Red Planet. Trace explains what this one rock might help scientists uncover.

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Origin and age of the earliest Martian crust from meteorite NWA?7533

“The ancient cratered terrain of the southern highlands of Mars is thought to hold clues to the planet’s early differentiation, but until now no meteoritic regolith breccias have been recovered from Mars.”

Mars: A Perspective from NWA 7533.

“Meteorites from Mars provide us with the only detailed chronological and chemical constraints on the geological evolution of Mars.”

Unique Meteorite from Early Amazonian Mars: Water-Rich Basaltic Breccia Northwest Africa 7034

“We report data on the martian meteorite Northwest Africa (NWA) 7034, which shares some petrologic and geochemical characteristics with known martian meteorites of the SNC (i.e., shergottite, nakhlite, and chassignite) group, but also has some unique characteristics that would exclude it from that group.”

Meteorites Reveal Another Way to Make Life’s Components

“Creating some of life’s building blocks in space may be a bit like making a sandwich – you can make them cold or hot, according to new NASA research.”

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Water Found on Mars

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