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MASSIVE Alien Skulls Discovered?

Skulls that could be ancient alien in origin have been discovered.

Massive skulls containing brains much larger than our own have initial DNA tests resulting in them being of quote “unkown origin.”

Around 300 elongated skulls have been found in a grave on the Peruvian Paracas peninsula.

Now, if you havn’t heard before, elongated skulls are more often than not the result of something known as “head binding.” It’s a technique where pressure is applied to the skulls for long periods of time as they grow which eventually causes them to conform to an elongated shape.

Many tribes even still practice this today…believing it to be a sign of beauty or perhaps something else. This is what it looks like.

Keep in mind that these head binding techniques cannot change the size, weight, or volume or a normal human skull.

Now, back at the 300 elongated skulls discovered, around 95% of them can easily be explained by these head binding technique.

However, when you start looking at the tantalizingly interesting 5% of skulls that that can not be explained by headbinding techniques is when things get very interesting.

According to Brian Foerester, an expert on these types of skulls, “This is what makes some of the Paracas skulls different: Their cranial volume is up to 25 percent larger and the skulls can be up to 60 percent heavier than comparable normal human skulls. Therefore they can not be the result of an intentional traditional cranial deformation due to binding or head flattening.”

…and that little piece there is what raises some eyebrows…

DNA testing is in the works for these skulls to see if they’re human or not…and so far…even though the results are not fully complete…they suggest that part of their DNA could not be matched to any humanoid like creature we know of. Basically, prelimary results suggest parts of their DNA has of unknown origins.

When you look at the evidence some strange questions start to arise…just who were some of these beings?…where did they come from?…no evidence suggests they fit anywhere in the evolutionary chain.

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