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Lightning Hit Apollo 12 Mid-Flight (Twice): Here’s What Happened Next

Apollo 11 might be the most famous moon-bound mission, but Apollo 12 is definitely the most dramatic.

What Did We Learn From The Apollo 11 Moon Landing? –
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Apollo 12: The Pinpoint Mission

“The primary mission objectives of the second crewed lunar landing included an extensive series of lunar exploration tasks by the lunar module, or LM, crew, as well as the deployment of the Apollo Lunar Surface Experiments Package, or ALSEP, which was to be left on the moon’s surface to gather seismic, scientific and engineering data throughout a long period of time.”

45 Years Since Apollo 12: The $500 Bet and the Lightning Strike

“In early 1969, many within NASA were convinced that Apollo 12, not Apollo 11, was most likely to accomplish humanity’s most exalted goal of the 20th century. It seemed inconceivable that the Apollo command, service, and lunar modules, and the Saturn V booster, together with such complexities as Lunar Orbit Rendezvous and the descent and landing profile to the Moon, could possibly be accomplished in just a few months.”

When Apollo 12 Encountered the Surveyor 3 Moon Lander

“When NASA embarked on the Apollo program to land men on the moon, no one was entirely sure how it was going to work. There were a lot of unknowns, including details about the lunar surface and how a payload as heavy as a manned spacecraft could land there.”

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