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Lemuria (Mu): The Lost Continent

Lemuria (Mu) is an ancient continent allegedly spanning across the entire Pacific ocean is said to have been inhabited by ape-like giants with telepathy abilities.

Lemuria, also known as the continent of Mu is allegedly a continenant that spanned across the entire Pacific ocean. It stretched from the Hawaiian islands to Eastern Island, to the phillipenes.

In the book “The Lost Continent of Mu” a man by the name of Colonel James Churchward says that nearly all of mankind originated on the continent.

Additionally, strange ape-like creatures were said to have existed on the island. These creates were said to have the gift of telepathy.

According to legend, 12,000 years ago a gigantic earthquake caused the entire continent to sink into the ocean.

Strangely, a group known as the “Stelle group” in the USA have claimed to be descened from the Lemurians. They escaped following the catastrophe of the continent and have allegedly been…behind the scenes…guiding certain modern groups to eventually re-establish their civilization in some way.

Some scientists have found evidence supporting these claims from long ago using the basis that certain species found on each of the coasts Lemuria would have touched are similiar or exact in some way.

If one is to look at the depth of the ocean around the area of where Lemuria may have existed, it appears to be consistent in some way…suggesting that a continent may have actually been there long ago.

Perhaps it was part of the original continent of Pangaea in some way.

Could this ancient continent of Lemuria have existed? Why or why not? Let us know what you think and why.

Video credit to Strange Mysteries YouTube channel