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Legendary Black Shuck Hellhound Remains Discovered from 16th Century

Mysterious bones of an unknown beast discovered. Was the Black Shuck Dog’s remains & skeleton discovered in Suffolk, England?

Have the Remains of a Massive Hell Hound been Discovered in the town of Suffolk, England?

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According to folklore, a massive beast known as Black Shuck is known for torturing the town of Suffolk, England around the year 1577.

In fact, the beast is so notorious it is embedded in the town today – restaurants, bars, and sports teams still reminisenc about the demon by naming themselves after it.

According to legend, the beast was first discovered during a frightful storm when a clap of thunder caused the doors of a local church to fly open…allowing the beast to go on a rampage inside where it ripped apart two members of the service whilst they were praying.

The spawn of satan didn’t stop there though, allegedly it further continued its rampage by repeating the same acts of violence at another nearby church.

The hell hound was only a myth until recently when a company called “Dig Venture” started to unearth what appeared to be a myserious grave.

Guess what they found beneath the earth of Suffolk near a local church….the skeleton of what appears to be a daughntingly huge seven foot tall wolf like creature.

They found remains that strongly suggest the Black Shuck was a real animal that roamed the city just around the date the legends say it did.

Did they just find the Black Shuck hellhound of legend?

What do you think?

Video credit to Strange Mysteries YouTube channel