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Kickstarter Replaces Lights with Glowing Plants!

If you thought glowing plants were science fiction from Pandora… you’re wrong! Scientists in San Francisco have created plants that glow brightly enough to light your home! Anthony chats with the creators to learn more about their enlightening work.

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Glowing Plants: Natural Lighting with no Electricity

“Create GLOWING PLANTS using synthetic biology and Genome Compiler’s software – the first step in creating sustainable natural lighting.”

Glowing Plant

“A blog dedicated to creating a glowing plant using synthetic biology and genome compiler”

Synthetic Biology Kickstarter Aims to Make Glowing Plants

“We are using Synthetic Biology techniques and Genome Compiler’s software to insert bioluminescence genes into Arabidopsis, a small flowering plant and member of the mustard family, to make a plant that visibly glows in the dark (it is inedible).”

The First Ever Synthetic Biology Kickstarter is About Growing ‘Glowing Plants’

“Kickstarter might be better known for funding films and hardware projects, but it’s now getting its first synthetic biology proposal.”

Genome Compiler


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