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Is There A Bermuda Triangle In Space?

We’ve all heard of the Bermuda Triangle here on Earth where strange and unsolved mysteries take place, but have you heard of the one in space?

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The “Bermuda Triangle” of Space

“There’s a place more than 500 kilometers above the Atlantic Ocean where space station computers suddenly crash, space telescopes can’t operate and satellites shutdown. Some people call this zone the “Bermuda Triangle of Space.”

What is Space Radiation?

“Radiation may be defined as energy in transit in the form of high-speed particles and electromagnetic waves. Electromagnetic radiation is very common in our everyday lives in the form visible light, radio and television waves, and microwaves. Radiation is divided into two categories – ionizing radiation and non-ionizing radiation.”

The Bermuda Triangle of Space: The High-Energy South Atlantic Anomaly Threatens Satellites

“The effects of radiation are part of the price of doing business in space. There are solar flares, random magnetic distortions and what some NASA scientists call euphemistically the “killer electrons” of the Van Allen radiation belts.”

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