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Is Spider Silk The Next Bulletproof Material?

The strength of spider silk has been popularized in movies, but is it actually that strong?

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Startup Says It’s The First To Make Synthetic Spider Silk

“FOR YEARS, MATERIALS scientists have been trying to figure out a way to give consumers broad access to the benefits of spider silk.”

How Do Spiders Make Silk?

“Though often feared, most spiders are harmless and actually quite impressive considering the strength and durability of the tangled webs they weave.”

Scientists mark ‘watershed’ breakthrough in synthetic spider silk production

“Synthetic spider silk holds promise as a leading biomaterial of the future with its unrivaled combination of strength and elasticity.”

Mixing Spider DNA and Goat Embryos Produces Milk With a Side of Silk

“For their adorable antics and the milk they provide for delicious cheese, goats have long been among the most beloved farm residents, as well as the most common livestock on the planet.”

Spider Silk – Structure, Properties and Spinning

“The term silk normally refers to a wide range of continuous filaments spun by the several species of Lepidoptera and Arthropoda, used for building structures for various purposes including prey capture.”

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