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Is Sexiness Hereditary? Mouse Moms Show Yes

Could sexiness come from our parents? Possibly – new research reveals that at least for mice, promiscuous moms bear sexier smelling sons. But as guest host Annie Gaus reports, all this sexiness is not without its downsides.

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Promiscuous mouse moms bear sexier sons

“University of Utah biologists found that when mother mice compete socially for mates in a promiscuous environment, their sons play hard and die young: They attract more females by making more urinary pheromones, but smelling sexier shortens their lives.”

Pheromone Helps Mice Remember Where to Find a Mate

“Scientists at the University of Liverpool have found that male mice produce a pheromone that provokes females and competitor males to remember a preference for the place where the pheromone was previously encountered.”

Tears for Fears: Juvenile Mice Secrete a Protective Pheromone in Their Tears, Blocking Adult Mating

“Nocturnal animals need their noses to stay alive. Mice, among others, depend on their impressive olfactory powers to sniff out food or avoid danger in the dark.”

Like Father, Like Son: Attractiveness Is Hereditary

“Sexy dads produce sexy sons, in the insect world at least. While scientists already knew that specific attractive traits, from cricket choruses to peacocks’ tails, are passed on to their offspring, the heritability of attractiveness as a whole is more contentious.”

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