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Is NASA Going To Find Life On Europa?

Each month DNews will sit down with NASA to discuss amazing space topics!

This month, we’ll be talking about Jupiter’s icy moon Europa. Could its subsurface oceans harbor life? What extreme engineering challenges would we have to overcome to explore it? What field work is going on on Earth right now to help find life on other worlds?

Our guests will include:
Kevin Hand
Astrobiologist and Deputy Chief Scientist, Solar System Exploration

Bobak Ferdowsi 
Engineer, proposed Europa Clipper mission, aka “NASA Mohawk Guy” 

Morgan Cable
Chemist, JPL postdoctoral fellow

Join hosts Trace Dominguez and Dr. Ian O’Neill this Wednesday, August 27th at 4pm PDT as we attempt to figure out the universe. Leave questions below or tweet them to @DNews with the hashtag #SpaceOut for a chance to have them answered on-air!

Video credit to DNews YouTube channel