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Is It Bad To Chew Ice?

Have you ever drank a glass of water, and decided that you wanted to chew on the ice in the bottom of the cup? Is this bad for your teeth? Trace is here to discuss.

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Why does anemia make people want to crunch on ice?

“Iron-deficiency anemia, which affects about 7 percent of American women and 2 percent of American men, may also cause you to crave some unusual things.”

Is constantly craving and chewing ice a sign of anemia?

“Possibly. Doctors use the term ‘pica’ to describe craving and chewing substances that have no nutritional value — such as ice, clay, cornstarch or paper.”


“Pica, particularly ice-eating (pagophagia), is a recognized symptom of iron deficiency.”

Chewing Ice Can Cause Serious Tooth Damage

“With good oral hygiene and proper dental care, your teeth should last a lifetime. But the violent bashing of ice inside your mouth can cause dental emergencies like teeth fractures, cracking and chipping.”

Tooth fairy: gene that could give you a set of these without seeing a dentist’s chair

“The days of whining drills and shrieking patients that can make a trip to the dentist an experience to dread may be numbered, according to scientists who claim that they may have found a way to regrow rotting teeth.”

Pagophagia, or compulsive ice consumption: a historical perspective

“Pagophagia, or the excessive consumption of ice or iced drinks, is popularly regarded as a novel manifestation of pica, which has emerged, predominantly in the USA, over the last 30 years.”

Chew This Over: Munchable Ice Sells Like Hot Cakes

“When Kyle Burkhalter gets up in the morning, he goes into the kitchen and fixes himself a nice cup of ice.”

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