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Is Eating Your Boogers Bad For You?

Many kids are notorious for picking their nose and eating their own boogers. Is this potentially dangerous for your health?

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Boogers: Myths and Facts

“There is no scientific term for boogers, even though these crusty bits of dried mucus are part of one of the body’s most efficient cleansing systems.”

The Truth About Mucus

“Mucus is something everyone has, and some people wish they had a lot less of the stringy, gooey stuff.”

Eating boogers may boost immunity, scientist suspects

“Parents, next time you see your child picking his or her nose you may want to fight the urge to scream ‘stop!’.”


“Smell receptors in the human nose detect smells with the help of a thin mucus layer, which dissolves scents and uses chromatography.”

How A Stuffy Nose Changes the Brain

“While you confront congestion with tissues, rest, and a comfy pillow to ease your clogged head, your brain is busy compensating for the loss of your vital sense of smell, according to new research from Northwestern University in Chicago.”

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