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Is Death Like Being Asleep?

When you wake up after a long night’s sleep you may recall a few
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dreams, but mostly there’s just a big black gap of nothingness between the time you hit the hay and the moment you woke up with drool on your chin. So is this what death feels like?When we sleep our brains don’t switch off for the night like a laptop; a more apt comparison is that we’re kept on stand-by mode, with all those annoying Adobe updates and scheduled system scans saved for this period of inactivity.Picture the scene; a person has been seriously injured when a speedboat crashed awesomely into a helicopter. The boat’s driver dove out at the last minute, cracking his spine on the side of a hot tub located on the deck of a passing luxury yacht. To find out if death truly is like being in a deep sleep we have two choices; kill ourselves, which is messy and requires a lot of paperwork, or ask someone who has endured a near death experience.In our previous entry we described Sasha Eliasson as being clinically dead for two whole minutes on two separate occasions, but that is not technically true.

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