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Invisible Rivers In The Sky Are Changing Our Planet

Did you know there are rivers in the sky?! Find out how these weather phenomena alleviate droughts, but also cause deadly floods.

How California’s Drought Affects The World –
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What are atmospheric rivers?

“Atmospheric rivers are relatively long, narrow regions in the atmosphere – like rivers in the sky – that transport most of the water vapor outside of the tropics.”

Giant ‘rivers in the sky’ could cause vast, extinction-level floods

“While most atmospheric rivers are mild, the ones containing the largest amounts of water vapour and the strongest winds can create extreme rainfall and floods, inducing catastrophic mud slides and drops in salinity.”

Global Warming May Alter Critical Atmospheric Rivers

“Climate models and basic physics suggest that atmospheric rivers will become moister and more intense in the future, as a warmer atmosphere can hold more water vapor (about 4 percent more for every degree 1°F of warming).”

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