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Invisible, Radioactive DARK Lightning

Just when you thought lightning thunderstorms couldn’t get crazier, we now have invisible radioactive lightning! Anthony has all the details on this so-called “Dark Lightning,” and the potentially harmful implication it poses for airline passengers.

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“Dark Lightning Zaps Airline Passengers”

“A jet plane flies past a mushroom-like cloud in Beijing, China, on June 14, 2012. The cloud took about one hour and ten minutes to form, and was followed by lightning inside it, and maybe dark lightning as well.”

“Fasten Your Seat Belt: Bumpier Flights With Warming”

“Airline passengers may be facing more frequent turbulence as the planet warms, finds research.”

“Thunderstorms contain ‘dark lightning,’ invisible pulses of powerful radiation”

“A lightning bolt is one of nature’s most over-the-top phenomena, rarely failing to elicit at least a ping of awe no matter how many times a person has witnessed one.”

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