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Humans Are Still Evolving!

Human evolution happened slowly over the course of thousands and thousands of years. Are we still evolving today? Trace discusses a few recent findings showing how humans, even in the past 5,000 years, are continuing to evolve!

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Past 5,000 years prolific for changes to human genome

“The human genome has been busy over the past 5,000 years.”

Analysis of 6,515 exomes reveals the recent origin of most human protein-coding variants

“Establishing the age of each mutation segregating in contemporary human populations is important to fully understand our evolutionary history and will help to facilitate the development of new approaches for disease-gene discovery.”

Natural selection has altered the appearance of Europeans over the past 5,000 years

“Anthropologists at Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz and geneticists at University College London, working in collaboration with archaeologists from Berlin and Kiev, have analyzed ancient DNA from skeletons and found that selection has had a significant effect on the human genome even in the past 5,000 years, resulting in sustained changes to the appearance of people.”

Direct evidence positive selection of skin, hair, and eye pigmentation in Europeans during the last 5,000 y

“Eye, hair, and skin pigmentation are highly variable in humans, particularly in western Eurasian populations.”

The Claim: Eye Color Can Have an Effect on Vision

“Can the color of your eyes affect more than just your dating life?”

The Wail of the Freshman Class

Correlation of eye color on self-paced and reactive motor performance

“Researchers continue to examine the distinctiveness of motor performance by dark- versus light-eyed individuals.”

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