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How Your Taste Buds Change Over Time

If you enjoy a certain food today, does that mean you’ll enjoy it forever? Do your taste buds change over time?

Does Sound Affect Taste?:

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Food science: Taste bud hackers

“Scientists and psychologists are trying to trick our mouths and minds into enjoying foods that are better for us.”

Why A Sweet Tooth May Have Been An Evolutionary Advantage For Kids

“Young kids’ preference for extremely sugary foods might be even more biologically ingrained than we thought. Scientists now think that kids’ growing bodies may prompt them to crave more sugar — and a child’s sweet tooth might be heightened during growth spurts.”

Scientists watch living taste cells in action

“Scientists have for the first time captured live images of the process of taste sensation on the tongue. The international team imaged single cells on the tongue of a mouse with a specially designed microscope system.”


“The tongue recognizes five basic tastes: sweet, salty, sour, bitter, and umami—a savory aspect associated with meat and mushrooms.”

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