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How We Know The Big Bang Actually Happened

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Earlier this week, astronomers announced that they directly observed gravitational waves. These waves are evidence for quantum gravity. How does this prove the Big Bang actually happened? Trace is joined by Ian O’Neill to explain this new, groundbreaking finding.

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“On Monday, astronomers announced a profound discovery. Etched into the most ancient radiation that pervades the entire universe and created – literally – at the dawn of time, gravitational waves have been directly observed, giving us a glimpse as to the nature of the inflationary period that is theorized to have caused the rapid growth of our universe just after the Big Bang.”

First Glimpse of Big Bang Ripples From Universe’s Birth

“Waves in the very fabric of the cosmos are allowing us to peer further back in time than anyone thought possible, showing us what was happening in the first slivers of a second after the big bang.”

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