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How To Tell The Perfect Lie

We all know lying is bad.. but sometimes, certain situations give you no other option. Anthony has some tips on how to make that lie more convincing than any other.

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Intricacies of Lying: False Descriptions Easier to Remember Than False Denials

“What happens when you tell a lie? Set aside your ethical concerns for a moment — after all, lying is a habit we practice with astonishing dexterity and frequency, whether we realize it or not.”

How to Tell a Lie

“As a culture, we laud truth-tellers. From an early age we’re taught to revere two of our most noteworthy presidents, Honest Abe and George Washington, who could not tell a lie. What does it indicate, though, when the well-known story about the first US president coming clean after cutting down his father’s cherry tree is nothing more than fiction, a bold-faced lie?”

How to Tell a Lie Without Being Caught

“Ever needed to tell a little white lie to spare somebody’s feelings? Or wanted to lie as part as your April fools trick? Want to lie to your enemy as revenge or lie to your sister for a laugh? Here’s how to do it and get away with it!”

Body Language Basics

“For millions of years, our early ancestors ambled on this planet, navigating a very dangerous world. They did so by communicating effectively their needs, emotions, fears, and desires with each other.”

How to Lie Without Actually Telling a Lie

“We all lie sometimes, whether you’re seeking to hide your true feelings about someone’s fruitcake or a housing a deep, dark secret. Nonetheless, most of us don’t enjoy being dishonest and you don’t have to be. By utilizing misdirection, you can lead others to believe a lie without ever telling it.”

How to Tell If Someone Is Being Honest

“Whether you’re questioning your spouse about his whereabouts, talking to your kids about their weekend, or speaking to your boss about a raise, you need to be able to spot a liar and deal with the situation accordingly. Even the best liars make mistakes and, if you pay close attention to their involuntary actions, you can determine who’s being honest and who’s lying through their teeth!”

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