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How Snakes Got Their Venom

Snakes are pretty incredible animals. And the poisonous ones even more so. Trace explains how snakes evolved to become venomous and why they must keep evolving this tool to keep their deadly reputation.

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The rapid evolution of cobra venom

“A new study has provided the first comprehensive insight into how snake venom evolved into the sophisticated cocktail of different proteins it is today.”

The king cobra genome reveals dynamic gene evolution and adaptation in the snake venom system

“Snakes are limbless predators, and many species use venom to help overpower relatively large, agile prey. Snake venoms are complex protein mixtures encoded by several multilocus gene families that function synergistically to cause incapacitation.”

What is Snake Venom?

“Snake venoms play an important role in the production of diverse medications that have saved numerous lives.”

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8 Facts You Need to Know

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