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How Scientists Stopped Light

SourceFed’s Lee Newton stops by DNews to talk about an amazing scientific achievement. Scientists have managed to not only slow down light photons, but stop and hold them in place for a full minute! Lee & Anthony explain what this development means.

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Light completely stopped for a record-breaking minute

“The fastest thing in the universe has come to a complete stop for a record-breaking minute. At full pelt, light would travel about 18 million kilometres in that time – that’s more than 20 round trips to the moon.”

Stopped Light and Image Storage by Electromagnetically Induced Transparency up to the Regime of One Minute

“The maximal storage duration is an important benchmark for memories. In quantized media, storage times are typically limited due to stochastic interactions with the environment.”

A Long-Term Memory for Light

“The ability to store light while keeping its quantum coherence properties (e.g., entanglement) plays an important role in quantum information science.”

What is quantum superposition?

“Quantum matter can be difficult to study. While physicists have come a long way in the research of this microscopic science, some things are still a mystery because quantum matter can behave so erratically.”

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