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How Quadrotors are Heroes in Times of Disaster

Forget helicopters – Quadrotors are where it’s at! These four bladed machines are revolutionizing everything from package delivery to search and rescue. Anthony explains how they work and why the US Air Force has such a strong interest in them.

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US Air Force Collaboratory:

Matternet: A Vast Network of Delivery Drones Will One Day Transport Our Stuff

“Andreas Raptopoulos wants drones to deliver our stuff. He’s the founder and CEO of Matternet, and he hopes to build networks for “micro-transportation” that will allow unmanned aerial vehicles to ferry all sorts of goods across long distances, especially in places where the roads either suck or are perpetually crammed full of commuters.”


Australian Startups Zookal And Flirtey To Begin Delivering Textbook Orders By Drone

“As countries around the world gradually lift regulations on the use of commercial drones, a new startup called Flirtey hopes to turn Australia into a worldwide industry leader for the use of UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) in e-commerce deliveries.”

Cooperative Grasping and Transport using Multiple Quadrotors

“Autonomous grasping, manipulation, and transportation of objects is a fundamental area of robotics research important to applications which require robots to interact and effect change in their environment.”

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How GPS Works:

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Delivery By Drone:


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