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How Poop Will Power The World

Is poop the future of green energy? Maybe! Trace explains this stinky solution to our power woes.

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Panda poop microbes could make biofuels of the future — an update

“Unlikely as it may sound, giant pandas Ya Ya and Le Le in the Memphis Zoo are making contributions toward shifting production of biofuels away from corn and other food crops and toward corn cobs, stalks and other non-food plant material.”

China Exclusive: Power from poop to generate “brave new world”

“An American professor and designer is trying to change the world by reinventing the toilet by turning waste into fuel.”

POO POWER: New Toilet System Turns Human Waste Into Electricity and Reduces Water Use By 90%

“Poo power is rapidly becoming the energy source of choice in many countries, powering everything from homes to motorcycles. Now scientists from Nanyang Technological University (NTU) have invented a new toilet system that not only turns human waste into electricity and fertilizers, but also reduces the amount of water needed for flushing by up to 90%!”

San Francisco Hopes to Turn Pet Feces Into Power

“According to a popular bumper sticker, “sh*t happens.” It also happens to have the power to heat homes, cook meals and generate electricity. At least, that is the hope of San Francisco and other cities in the Bay Area, which are looking at ways to recycle and reuse animal waste as part of their mission to stop sending trash to landfills by 2020.”

The Top 6 Ways to Convert Poop Into Electricity

“More than half of the 15 trillion gallons of sewage Americans flush annually is processed into sludge that gets spread on farmland, lawns, and home vegetable gardens. In theory, recycling poop is the perfect solution to the one truly unavoidable byproduct of human civilization.”

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