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How Many Calories Does It Take To Make A Baby?

Some say pregnant women should “eat for two!” But, if according to the USDA the average adult should consume around 2,000 calories a day, how many calories does it take to create that little bundle of joy?

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How Hard Is It To Get Pregnant? ►►►►
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How many calories a day do I need while I’m pregnant?

“For the first six months of your pregnancy (first and second trimesters), you won’t need to have more calories than you did before you became pregnant. That’s about 2,000 calories a day.”

How Does Nutrition Get From the Placenta to the Fetus?

“from conception to birth the development of a baby follows a predictable path. As cells divide and differentiate, the developing baby begins as a zygote, forms into a blastocyst, becomes an embryo and then transforms into a fetus, all in the first trimester of pregnancy”

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