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How Lasers Make Metal Waterproof!

What could we gain from making metal completely water resistant? Is it even possible?

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Laser-generated surface structures create extremely water-repellent metals

“Scientists at the University of Rochester have used lasers to transform metals into extremely water repellent, or super-hydrophobic, materials without the need for temporary coatings.”

Why Metals Corrode

“Metals corrode because we use them in environments where they are chemically unstable.”

“Europlasma Showcases Nanofics® Technology for Corrosion Protection of Wearable Electronics at CES 2015 in Las Vegas

“Belgium based Europlasma, a global leader in low pressure plasma technology, is pleased to present at CES 2015 its nanocoating technology for the electronics industry under the Nanofics® brand name.”


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