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How Handshakes Reveal Your True Age

Handshakes are extremely common in the workplace, and they can tell you a lot about a person. Trace reports on some new studies discussing how your handshake can reveal your true age and level of education.

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Handshake Strength Reveals Education, Age

“A handshake can tell a lot about a person. Researchers say the strength of someone’s grip may reveal how fast they’re aging, their education level — and even their future health.”

Your handshake around the world

“Conducting business abroad requires an extra layer of knowledge: that of the local business culture and its customs.”

Measuring the Speed of Aging Across Population Subgroups

“People in different subgroups age at different rates. Surveys containing biomarkers can be used to assess these subgroup differences.”

What Your Handgrip Says About Your (Real) Age

“A strong handshake can indicate power, confidence, health, or aggression. The strength of a person’s grip may also be a useful way to measure true age.”

Science Reveals The Power Of A Handshake

“New neuroscience research is confirming an old adage about the power of a handshake: strangers do form a better impression of those who proffer their hand in greeting.”

Firm Handshakes Help Land Jobs

“If you’re seeking employment, get a grip. A firm handshake is key to landing a job.”

Scientists Reveal the Perfect Handshake

“Scientists Thursday unveiled a step-by-step guide to an age-old custom the average person performs 15,000 times during their life — the handshake.”

When Handshakes Are Like Smoking

“Unhealthy cultural practices are as unhealthy and American as apple pie.”

Chimp ‘Secret Handshakes’ May Be Cultural

“Chimpanzees that engage in unusual hand-holding behavior during grooming may be showing off a little culture, new research suggests.”

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