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How Geysers Erupt

Geysers are more than just pretty eruptions of water and steam– they’re complicated geologic events. But how do they work? We thought we knew, but turns out we had it all wrong.

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How Geysers Work

“Imagine taking all of the water from your neighborhood swimming pool, pouring it into a massive, magma-powered pressure cooker and shooting the water hundreds of feet in the air.”

Massive Yellowstone geyser puts on a surprise show

“Everyone knows the story of Old Faithful. Here’s the story of Old Unreliable.”

Steamboat Geyser

“The world’s tallest active geyser, Steamboat can erupt to more than 300 feet (90m), showering viewers with its mineral-rich waters.”

How Geysers Work

“For geyser to occur there must be heat, water, and a plumbing system. A magma chamber provides the heat, which radiates into surrounding rock. Water from rain and snow works its way underground through fractures in the rock.”

Geysers and How They Work

“Sprinkled amid the hot springs are the rarest fountains of all, the geysers. What makes them rare and distinguishes them from hot springs is that somewhere, usually near the surface in the plumbing system of a geyser, there are one or more constrictions.”

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